Hello! My Name is Jonathan Randall and I am a Comedian in New York City.

I love entertaining people, traveling, TV, movies, food and being a good person. Come see me perform Stand Up comedy live, check me out on Facebook & Twitter, and read my various blogs!


Jonathan Randall is a very polite guy, if you laugh at his jokes he may even be your friend on any social network you like. Growing up in Miami, globe trotting adventures, and an obsession with American pop culture give Jonathan a shocking yet hilarious view of the world. He loves entertaining audiences with his unique blend of optimism, absurdity, controversy, and devilish charm.

Jonathan performed at clubs, colleges, and events across North America and beyond. He is a regular on the NYC comedy scene.

Jonathan has performed in The New York Underground Comedy Festival and was featured on ABC and Comedy Central for his part in the “Andy Kaufman Awards” during the first New York Comedy Festival. He can be heard on Sirius Satellite radio and hosted on the Internet sites TVTONIC and TITANTV. He wrote and directed a video segment that appeared on NBC’s Late night with Conan O’Brien. He has written for MTV and appeared as a talking head on the networks “FNMTV.”


One thought on “JONATHAN RANDALL

  1. Hi Jonathan! My husband and I just came home from Stand Up NY. We LOVED your act. My husband was the swedish guy on the crowd :). We were really impresed by your talent. Today was one of the few nights in a while that we had been out without our 2 1/2 years old daughter and we felt like we made the most out of it after a nice diner and your act.

    Thank you very much!

    Lina and Fredrik.

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